Thank you for your interest in supporting a network of businesses that advocates equal opportunities for persons with disabilities as members of Hawaii’s business community.

By becoming a member or project partner you will help this chamber pick up where job placement leaves off. Efforts will be placed in advanced mentoring to assemble resources and refine individual skillsets to operate, manage and/or own a business.

This chamber practices a “rising tide lifts all boats” strategy in that the economic wellbeing of the business community results in a healthy and vibrant Hawaii. All fellow citizens should be able to enjoy the fruits of their time, talents and labor – the American dream.
The Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities – Hawaii was incorporated December 31, 2012 as a non-profit organization to serve a special needs constituency. In April 2013, our endeavors adopted this mission:

“The Chamber shall maintain a leadership role in the community through programs, services and events that enhance the quality, general welfare and economic well-being of businesses owned by, serving or associated with persons in Hawaii having disabilities.”

Membership dues, project partnering, associated enterprise and personal involvement finance our activities. Our community value can be demonstrated by our past, present and future projects such as:

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