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beyond suffering

Beyond Suffering for the next generation

a study guide

Excerpts used with permission from Beyond Suffering For the Next Generation Study Guide (c) 2015 All Right Reserved  by Joni & Friends Inc.

Upon meeting Shaw Bates, it may not be immediately obvious that he has a disability. He has what is called a “hidden disability”—in his case, a learning disability. What will become readily apparent is that Shaw has a passion for ministering to people affected by disabilities, and that he is deeply committed to seeking and fulfilling God’s plan for his own life. He finds comfort and encouragement from the biblical example of Moses, through whom God worked mightily despite Moses’ speech impediment. If God could powerfully use Moses, Shaw reasons, then he can use me too—learning disability and all.

When I was 5 years old, my parents took me back to San Diego Regional Center to get tested by doctors. Due to my delay in development of major and minor motor skills, I was already seeing a speech and occupational therapist and crawling around on a scooter. The doctors would put peanut butter on my upper lip so I had to lick it off. When they had me draw stick figures with my right hand, I drew them big and right side up. But with my left hand, I drew the stick figures upside down and very small. The doctors and my parents were amazed and scratching their heads because of how I drew the stick figures. The doctors said that I could not learn and that there was no hope for me to ever learn. I even had teachers tell me that I could not learn. Besides my disabilities, another painful part of my early childhood occurred when my parents got a divorce. 

Shaw Bates has a goal - To help people with disabilities to live independent and successful lives."I will create an educational work shop to inform the community about the challenges that people with disabilities face in college and the work place, and potential solutions." Shaw is hosting a Toastmaster conference titled "Overcoming with a Disability". Please see the invitation below.

Special Invitation to You

This Toastmasters event in Honolulu, Hawaii has been completed. Toastmasters web LOGO

TITLE: "Overcoming with a Disability"
SPEAKERS: John Kuwaye, Randy Costello, Cody Santiago
PANEL: Shaw Bates, Randy Costello, Cody Santiago
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 8:30am - 12:pm
WHERE: Koko Head Elementary School 189 Lunalilo Home Rd, Honolulu, HI 96825

8:45am Introductions by Shaw Bates - Listen & read Pastor Danny Yamashiro interview with Shaw Bates
9:00am John Kuwaye - Abilities Unlimited, first as a client then as a Direct Support Worker, Mobility Trainer and Job Coach for 5 years.
9:30am Randy Castello - School Teacher - Assets School, lst & 2nd grades for dyslexic, gifted and ADD/ADHD children
10:30am Cody Santiago - see KHON TV news story on Disabilities Awareness Month with Cody Santiago
11am - Panel Discussion moderated by Maunakea

GOAL: Shaw Bates - To help people with disabilities to live independent and successful lives. I will create an educational work shop to inform the community about the challenges that people with disabilities face in college and the work place, and potential solutions.

Panel (L-R) Shaw Bates, Randy Costello Cody Santiago Panel (L-R) Shaw Bates, Randy Costello, Cody Santiago



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Entertainment News

Morgans IslandABC News Genevieve Shaw Brown Jun 16, 2017 Genevieve Shaw Brown Jun 16, 2017 - Morgan’s Inspiration Island overlooks the theme park’s 8-acre catch-and-release fishing lake. The focal point is a seven-story lighthouse with a rotating beacon on top. Six major elements – including Calypso Cove, a water music garden splash pad and Shipwreck Island splash pad, which includes an accessible pirate ship with a giant dumping water bucket on top -- comprise the $17 million tropically themed island paradise inspired by Hartman and his wife Maggie’s 23-year-old daughter with special needs, Morgan.

Adrea Gibbs, IAAPA MemberIAAPA Member - There are many exciting and entertaining theme parks, but Morgan's Wonderland is a park with a 191970 384x425 Wheelchair swing 2special mission. As the first fully accessible theme park of its kind in the world, Morgan's Wonderland was awarded Trip Advisor's 2015 Travelers' Choice Award as one of the Top 25 Amusement Parks in the United States.

A Family's Dream Comes to Life
Opened in 2010 in San Antonio, Texas, Morgan's Wonderland is the first completely wheelchair-accessible theme part in the world. From the rides to the attractions to the entertainment, this park is the amazing result of the dreams of Gordon and Maggie Hartmann, whose daughter Morgan has physical and cognitive challenges. Morgan's indomitable spirit serves as the park's inspiration.

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Governor-IgeHonolulu, Hawaii, May 6, 2015 - Hawaii Governor David Ige made Hawaii the first state in the nation that mandates movie theatres statewide to accommodate hearing and visually impaired customers. 

HB1272 takes effect Jan. 1, 2016 and requires motion picture theater operators with more than two locations in the state to provide open captioning during at least two showings per week of each motion picture that is produced with open movie captioning. The bill also requires theatres to provide audio description of any movie produced with audio description.

See Opportunities for Consumers and Business Movies for the Blind and  Entertainment Business News

See The Office of the Governor of the State of Hawaii Press Release 5/6/2015

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Realizing the STOVE IS ON! Do I go back home - will I get home in time - call the neighbors - hope they're home - oh noooo, they dont have the key - WHAT CAN I DO?!?

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Good News and Bad News

cureThe good news, Sovaldi is a breakthrough drug treatment for hepatitis C. Unlike traditional treatments for hepatitis C, Sovaldi can cure more than 90 percent of patients in a few months. More than 130 million people across the globe have been hoping and praying for this kind of cure. Gilead Sciences in Foster City, which makes the drug Sovaldi, won approval from the Food and Drug Administration in December.

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ABLE Act, Bill # H.R.647 is Now the Law 


The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2013 (H.R. 647) establishes tax-free savings accounts (modeled after 529 college accounts) and allows families to create tax free accounts to help individuals with disabilities pay for essential services such as medical care, housing, transportation, assistive technology, job training, education personal support services, health, prevention and wellness, financial management and administrative services, legal fees, expenses for oversight and monitoring, funeral and burial expenses, and other approved expenses.

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