Defining Winners

teamFriday night, and in Wisconsin, that means football. Clintonville Truckers was playing hometown favorite the Little Chute Mustangs. With the clock running, Little Chute called on Noah Van Vooren.

Van Vooren has been the team's water boy for the past couple of years but today, duty had a much higher calling. He suited up, got out on the field with the intent of taking that ball into the endzone. And that is exactly what Van Vooren did. He took the handoff from the quarterback and ran 35 yards down the field for a touchdown. Van Vooren has Down syndrome.


 Noah Van Vooren is a senior at Wisconsin's Little Chute High School. "He's always positive, walking on theNoah-Van-Vooren sideline," one of his teammates told reporters, "He'll pat you on the back, say, 'You're doing a great job.'" His classmates wanted to repay him for his years of inspiration and morale-boosting, so they asked him to suit up for the first time and join them on the field.

Little Chute's coach Brian Ryczkowski gave high praises to Clintonville Truckers team, coaches, and parents. “A lot of credit for Clintonville for being a class act. Things like that really bring the school together. It lets you know you’ve got good people in the school and the town and they’re doing things right”.


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