Opportunities in various industries

Employment/Partnership/Ownership opportunity.
Seeking - Wheel chair owners willing to get paid for displaying ads on their wheelchair.
Beverage advertising.
Your work is to be seen while going about your daily chores in public.

plumeria-yellow-webEmployment/Partnership/Ownership opportunity
Seeking - persons able to work with tools in either gardens, yards, small or large farms
Specialized foilage for export.
Work from home

Art and Design
Employment/Ownership/Partnering opportunity
Seeking - Freelance artists, in all media forms including music, ceramics etc.
Art products for art exhibits and shows
Work from home

sew-at-home-web2Partnering opportunity
Seeking - persons with ability to cut, sew, & embroider.
Work from home
Made in Hawaii apparel.

Employment/Ownership/Partnering opportunity
Seeking - writers, illustrators, graphic artists, sign language, braille, e-books, e-magazines, audio books, cookbooks, children's, local stories, for hard copy books - calendars, theme coloring books
Work from home

Travel Industry
Partnering opportunity
Seeking - Travel & hospitality industry prizes in exchange for advertising, marketing and promotional considerations.
Video contest of persons with disabilities on vacation in Hawaii to win an "Back to Hawaii" return vacation back to Hawaii
Work from home or in the field.

Employment/Ownership/Partnering opportunity
Seeking - 2 technicians on each island - data collecting, data processing, graphic art, web design, mobile app design.
Preference to veterans with disabilities.
Work from home or field work.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the above opportunities or would like assistance in creating your own business designed specifically around your skills, talents and passions.

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