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Heart-wear is born from hard work, love and a desire to “do something about it”


(Honolulu, Hawaii USA – Nov 5, 2013) While working two jobs, one with an international airlines & the other for a famous US restaurant, Derika Tamura always had a burning desire to be a fashion designer. As a national championship soccer player she developed fortitude & determination. In the Cover Girl and Young Miss magazine competitions she learned poise under pressure. Even as a student majoring in religion & mathematics, she pinched pennies to visit businesses in different countries to understand the nuances of the global fashion world. Where to buy fabrics? Who does fabric art? Where are the quality manufacturers?

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welcomeYour future depends on planning as soon as possible. It doesn't have to be a perfect plan, it just has to be a plan that lets you know where you want to be. You can always make adjustments to adapt to the uncertainties of life. Planning makes it easier.

We all want the best of all worlds but how do we recognize opportunities when it sneaks up on us? Questions, questions, questions....fortunately AppleRED is here to provide personalized, one on one help. (click Read More below)

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ArtSource600x190Art Source & Designs has an extensive selection of over 3000 custom frame and solid koa samples, which has been carefully chosen to serve all tastes and budgets. Also availabe are hundreds of mat and fabric samples to create the perfect custom matting treatment. Art Source & Designs' reputation is built upon quality craftsmanship, product variety and immediate turnaround while striving to give our client exactly what you envision for your art.

Stop in and see for yourself. Get 25% off your first visit when you mention the Chamber of Commerce for Persons with Disabilities - Hawaii.

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<Cha-Cha-Logo-WEBI realized what a fun kinda place this is as soon as I walked through the door.
"Hi c'mon in, what-kin-I-get-cha?" the gal behind the bar beamed.

In a single step I left the real world and was now at what was to become my favorite watering hole. No need to walk deep into this eatery to quench my thirst. First things first, one step, place my drink order, second step, I'm at my seat. Slurp...ahhhh, now onto the food.

A couple more steps and I'm sitting under an umbrella on the water, a gentle breeze and a happy group arriving by boat for lunch. Is this paradise or what?

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October is Anti-Bullying month, and this special puppet show combines sign language, fun and a great message.

Marianne Ambrose aka Marianne of Waikiki has a remarkable show "Rabbit Acts of Kindness", which combines a puppet show with lessons of compassion and sign language. Read more to see the video.

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