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Leading Practices on Disability InclusionSuccessful businesses recognize that incorporating disability in all diversity and inclusion practices positively impacts their companies’ bottom line. Corporate CEOs understand that it’s cost effective to recruit and retain the best talent regardless of disability. Chief technology officers know that technologies that are usable by all employees lead to greater productivity. Senior purchasing managers recognize the economic benefi ts of broadening their supplier bases to include diverse categories, such as disabilityowned businesses, and savvy marketing directors eagerly embrace opportunities to increase their companies’ share of new markets.

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Business Insider provides some insights. The health care exchange is open for every U.S. resident, but only the uninsured will face penalties for skipping out. If you are enrolled in your employer's health plan or pay for your own plan already, you can keep on keepin' on, although we'd at least recommend shopping around to see if there are more affordable plans out there. 


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TtextHELP logoexthelp provides literacy software solutions for individuals, pupils, higher education students, employees and publishers. Our goal is to support all readers and writers – from young students, to those in higher education and in the workplace – to succeed with independence and ease.


Exerpt from Ability Magazine by Romney Snyder

Mark Goffeney...

aka Big Toe, a musician (see CAP 2008 video) who lives in San Diego, places a call to airline reservations asking for the accommodations he needs to comfortably fly the mark-goffeneyfour-and-a-half hours to Honolulu to volunteer building Hawaii’s first ABILITY House. “I was born without arms,” he tells the airline representative, “and I use my feet for things other people use their hands for. If there is an empty seat on the plane, I need my seat reserved next to it so I can eat and reach around without bumping someone else with my knees.

Abilities Unlimited assists individuals with disabilities to realize their full potential. Vision Statement: To be regarded by employers, beneficiaries and the general public as Hawaii's best resource and premier advocate for individuals with disabilities to achieve their full potential, an improved quality of life and foster their dignity and self worth through employment.
Services include: job placement programs, employment preparation, holistic services.

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